Get started with your blockchain-based business


Create certificate

Create and mint certificates of authenticity for your products, creative works or services


Send certificate

Drop the certificates to your customers or friends, through QR code at the point of sale or by email


Claim certificate

Easily claim certificates of authenticity and ownership in the Lingon wallet app


Use certificate

Benefit from rights granted, prove ownership, connect with brands and trade with your certificates

Web3 utility for your business

Establish or enhance your business by providing web3 features such as proof of authenticity and ownership to any project. Elevate and deepen the relationship with your tribe.

Check out some examples of cool use cases for inspiration - then inspire us with yours!

Digital Product Passports

Creative Works

Loyalty and rewards

For Issuers

Create, send and interact

Do you ship thousands of products every day or are you an artist creating just a few unique pieces per year? Working with digital or physical assets? Services or products? Regardless of type and size of business, you can benefit from Lingon digital certificates

Improve the post-sale relationship with your costumers with Lingon certificates and through our platform

For Users

Claim and use

Receive an immutable digital certificate, proving the authenticity and that you are the rightful owner of a product or service. Once you have claimed a certificate, only you are in full control of it. Benefit, collect, or trade with it

Check with your issuer which additional features, rights, and values that come with your certificate

Expand your product

Include certificates as part of your current products. Create engagement, add value and differentiate your products and services with our certificates

Expand your technical platform

Enable your customers to issue, receive and use digital certificates by adding the Lingon platform to your front end. Running a market place? Providing a loyalty programme? Offering an e-commerce platform? By using our APIs, you can easily integrate and take advantage of our issuance platform and our end user apps.

Build something completely new

Build a completely new business, address new use cases, find new consumer needs or adapt our certificate solutions to new business areas. You've got the ideas and creativity, we've got the platform. Challenge us!

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Strategic partnership with Sigma

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Digital Product Passports - a heavy burden or business opportunity?

Reflections on Digital Product Passports, sustainability, and business opportunities with Lingon. Learn more about what the new directive from the European Commission means for your business and how Lingon can provide both compliance and business value to your company.

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Create, send and interact

Create certificates

Create your own digital certificates on our self-service platform in an instant

Add any digital content to your certificates - text, links, pictures, movies, unique product identifiers, price, descriptions, and more. Your imagination is the limit

Create limited or unlimited editions to match your collections

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Mint and release

Register the certificates on the blockchain in one click and create a tamper-proof documentation of the product, its origin and its owner

Drop certificates to your customers over-the-counter, by email or through a media channel of choice. If you want to go old school you can even print it on a paper

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Display of how to mint and send certificates.

Claim and use

The Lingon mobile apps are used for receiving, viewing, utilising, and transferring certificates

Enhance the brand engagement, improve customer relations, and create community. Scan the certificates for loyalty, VIP access, and other exclusive perks and rights

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On a mission

About us

Lingon was founded in 2018 with the mission to democratise the access to Web3 and blockchain technologies. 
Our aim is to engage and enable broader acceptance and utility. Join us on our journey

Powered by Web3 and blockchains


We use a healthy mix of web2 and web3 technologies. With fronts based on traditional tech and back ends based on web3 logic, we achieve both ease-of-use and web3 capabilities, such as self-managed ownership, provenance, and immutability