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September 29, 2023

Lingon at Möbelriksdagen

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Lingon showcased its NFC-connected solution for Digital Product Passports at "Möbelriksdagen" in Tibro on September 28.-29. 2023.

A group of people at an exhibition booth
June 11, 2023

Public beta launch of the platform

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So exciting! Now, it's finally time to launch our platform as public beta. It means that anyone can use the service (although still in a pilot phase).

Man with a big smile is sitting turned towards the camera in front of a computer with the Lingon website on display
May 4, 2023

Livestream about Lingon, art and tech

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Watch the chat between contemporary performance artist Malin Myagi and our co-founder Christian Listérus about the blockchain, art, Lingon and new tech in a livestream on Instagram

Malin and Christian sitting next to each other with a painting behind
February 8, 2023

#EpicLoveShare auction

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In support of an auction for the fight against children's cancer, Lingon supports with a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership

Picture showing armchair designed by Miss Myagi
November 24, 2022

Exciting times: beta launch

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Lingon has now launched its new platform for beta testing. This is so exciting to us and we hope our service is proving useful to people with many different needs.

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