Issue certificates - easily

Regardless if you are a small artist, a manufacturer or a global reseller - anyone can use the Lingon platform to issue NFT-based digital certificates for any product, right or service

Our web app enables you to create great looking digital certificates of authenticity, origin, provenance, ownership and more. Distribute them straight into the palm of your customers

Simply easy peasy!

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The process

Let's start by forgetting all you know about paper certificates, they were useless

Our certificates is a whole different deal. Thanks to cutting edge tech, our digital certificates can hold photos, movies or any kind of media data

Start by creating your certificate

Add the name you want to use as an Issuer, could be your brand, your name or whatever you find relevant. Name your certificate, upload media data relating to you or your products, add metadata such as links, a unique product ID and so on

Done: your first certificate is created!
display of the process of creating certificates
Display of how to create an edition
Products and art are often divided in to collections and editions. Sometimes even limited editions to create exclusivity

Obviously the corresponding certificates should also reflect this

Our solutions let you group your certificates in any way you want, as well as batch generating sets of certificates under a collection. You can easily move certificates in and out of collections, clone them, alter them and so on
How does the certificate look once it reaches you customers?

During the create/ edit process, you can at any time get a preview of what your customer will see in the app

You will be able to toggle between certificate creation and the preview to design the certificate to your liking
Display of a created edition
display of the process of creating
Happy with your certificates? Time to mint!

Minting is the process of writing the certificate to the blockchain. Once it is written it can not be changed, stolen, manipulated or deleted and it will be controlled by just one person - the owner of your product. And it will be there as long as there is an internet

Sounds complicated? 

No, just press the "Mint" button. We take care of all the tech stuff for you
Since you minted the certificate you are now the exclusive owner of it

Time to transfer the ownership to your customer!

For the handover of the certificate to your customer, we offer a number of options tailored for different situations, but the easiest way, in most cases is just to email it

Fill in the email address of the customer, press "Release certificate" and off it goes to the customer

Done: you have created and distributed your certificate to your customer!
display of the process of sending certificates
Now it is time for your customer to pick up the certificate - to "claim" it

If the certificate is emailed to the customer, he/she will receive a nice looking email from Lingon with QR codes and a link for downloading our app and claiming the certificate

The journey has begun!

Now it is up to you and us at Lingon to engage and improve the life of your customers using your certificates

Try for free. Pay as you go, if you like our services

Check out our pricing page for more information


The sale is where the customer relationship journey starts

We would like to partner with you on our quest to figure out the most interesting ways of using our certificates. The journey has already started

We figured that something beneficial for most certificate issuers would be the possibility to communicate with their customers, who are now certificate holders. Hence, we built a simple in-app messaging solution

Send messages to an individual certificate holder or a selection of certificate holders, such as all holders of certificates in a certain edition/ collection

With our certificates your customer relation doesn't end with the sale - it starts with it - and when certificates change hands, it follows the asset to the new owner

Messsage-certificateholder/ mobile and desktop display

Interested in knowing more?

We are excited to answer your questions

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Digital Product Passports

Digital Product Passports

Use Lingon Certificates to create outstanding digital product passports


An angled view of a row with three symbols with an nfc scanning symbol in the foreground
Immersive art experience



More engagement and trust

Interact with donors

  • Reward donors with a proof of contribution and digitalise your processes
  • Provide links to unique content and let donors follow projects
  • Send in-app messages to donors to inform them about impact and new opportunities
Immersive art experience


Creative Works

Creative Works

Monetise your art in new ways

Immersive art experience

  • True scarcity increases value. Easily create limited editions on the blockchain
  • Expand your customer base by connecting to future certificate holders
  • Enhance your brand by extending the art experience through app media content
Immersive art experience

Creative Works

Loyalty and rewards

Loyalty and rewards

Sell more, engage more, spend less

Gifting is stronger than sign-up

  • Launch a loyalty programme with no effort and at a low cost per new member
  • Engage your customers with offers they can't refuse in the Lingon mobile apps
  • Stay top of mind by extending the brand experience through media content in the apps
a set of dice
Immersive art experience

Loyalty & Rewards

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