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Digital Product Passports

  • Create unique digital representations of your physical products

  • Become compliant to the new EU CSRD directive. Contribute to sustainability, transparency, and trust.

  • Prevent piracy by connecting secure NFC tags to your digital passports

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Better business and progressive edge

  • Present your brand and product with unique media content and a flexible number of descriptive attributes

  • Reach your endusers through the built in messaging platform

  • Provide your customers with a transferable proof of product authenticity and ownership

Half phone display of Lingon qr codesHalf phone display of Lingon qr codes
phone display of Lingon qr codes

Best of breed solution to support your sustainable business

Web3 is all about trust in transactions. Blockchains provide transparency and let the users be in control, but the infrastructure can be difficult to understand and use. Lingon fills the gap between technical complexity and usability, with a platform for utility and engagement.

Usability in focus

By focusing on accessibility and usability, Lingon strives to enable web3 benefits to brands, designers, manufacturers, and other product owners of any size. Easily create product passports and use Lingon NFC tags or QR codes with your products. Transfer ownership to your clients and control their in-app experience of your brand and product. Start your journey towards EU CSRD compliance today. No tech knowledge required.

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