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We're on a mission to democratise the access to Web3

Once upon a time...

We started in 2018 with the idea to provide proof of authenticity and ownership to digital photography

When we started our business in 2018, we recognised the growing challenge for creators of digital art, not at least within digital photography, to prove the authenticity of their works and for collectors to prove their ownership and track provenance

In our first cooperation with a leading international museum of modern photo art, we realised it was also valid in their trade with physical photo prints. With this in mind we designed a solution with a seamless user experience, targeting non-techie users

The next generation of the internet is now

Web 3.0 is all about trust in transactions and owning your data. We believe this is crucial for everyone in the digital world

Internet has become an essential part of peoples' and businesses' everyday lives, but it's still half-baked. Mark Andreessen once said Web3 is the “missing” link for the Internet, bringing trust, sovereignty and financial utility to the ecosystem - and we couldn't agree more

The smartest brains in the industry are working on building the most robust Web3 infrastructure and it is already largely available, but there's a big gap between the technology and wide general user acceptance. We want to change that

We enable utility by focusing on usability

Lingon is on a path to build an eco-system to support creative companies and individuals in (re)inventing their businesses

We once started our journey with one specific use case, but realised there's so much more to be done and rather than building a tailored solution, we decided to invent together with a larger community of doers and thinkers.

The purpose of the Lingon platform is to help people with great ideas getting started and provide the necessary tools to create innovative use cases to their communities. We have been in the game for a while, but our journey has just started. Join us!

Want to join our journey?

Lingon is looking for good people and investors that can help develop and expand the business

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The team behind Lingon


Co-founder and Chairman of the Board. Thinker and innovator. Experienced entrepreneur.


Co-founder and CEO. Seasoned entrepreneur with a background as investment banker and angel investor


CMO. Ex-head of innovation labs at famous brands. Well-known speaker at Web3 events and WEF.


Board member. Legal counsel with 25 years of experience in business law. IP expert.


CTO. IT architect and digital assets tech expert. 30 years of designing solutions at top tier companies


Late Co-founder and CPO. 20 years of experience in the tech sector. Serial entrepeneur.

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Maybe you have questions relating to the use of the platform or a fantastic idea that you would want to build on top of it?

Or are you interested in joining our journey; as a team member, technology partner or investor?

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