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Pay as you go

Lingon has a straightforward pricing model:
Try out the service for free.
Pay as you go if you like the service.

Low transaction fees apply for the registration of Lingon digital certificates on the blockchain ("Mint") and for the initial distribution ("Release") of such certificates to users.

Pay with Lingon Credits. Lingon credits are used as a platform currency  and can be purchased and topped up within the platform whenever needed.

No cryptocurrency required.

Lingon credits

Single credits

Top up your account with a number of Lingon credits of choice

Minting cost is 1 Lingon credit and Release cost is 2 Lingon credits. Hence, we recommend you to purchase a number of Lingon credits divisible by 3, in order to have sufficient funds for each certificate you wish to register and bring to the market

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1 credit = 2 EUR *

* Subject to local sales tax / VAT

Credit packs

Great discounts with Lingon credit packs

For your convenience, we offer different packs of Lingon credits.

  • Get the pack of 100 Lingon credits with 10% discount
  • Get the pack of 300 Lingon credits with 20% discount
  • Get our most favourable pack of 3,000 Lingon credits with 50% discount
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