Public beta launch of the platform

Now it's finally time to launch our platform as public beta. It means that anyone can use the service, but it's still in a pilot phase. Exciting times ahead!..

Launch of the Lingon platform in public beta stage

Today, Lingon has launched its services as public beta, meaning it's now open for anyone to use, but it's still at an early stage. The intention is to invite more people and businesses to explore their creativity.

Lingon provides a platform for storytelling connected to products and services, by means of digital certificates of authenticity and ownership on the blockchain.

The overall mission is to enable a wider community to benefit from the next generation Internet, where it’s all about enabling better business relations through  storytelling, transparency and trust.

We now wish to onboard users with different needs; storytellers, creators, hardware manufacturers or re-sellers, NGOs, ticketing companies, nerds, endusers with a freaky urge to tokenise their collections of matches, or whatever… We’re open to any use case and we want to learn.

Get started in a click and create your first digital certificate. No coding, tech knowledge or cryptocurrency required.

And yes: trying the service is certainly for free! No strings attached.

We want this service to fit your needs.

Don't forget to let us know what you think. Report if you find nasty bugs and get in touch if you get annoyed by the user experience.

Contact us anytime.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Lingon at Möbelriksdagen

Lingon showcased its NFC-connected solution for Digital Product Passports at "Möbelriksdagen" in Tibro on September 28.-29. 2023.

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Public beta launch of the platform

So exciting! Now, it's finally time to launch our platform as public beta. It means that anyone can use the service (although still in a pilot phase).

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Livestream about Lingon, art and tech

Watch the chat between contemporary performance artist Malin Myagi and our co-founder Christian Listérus about the blockchain, art, Lingon and new tech in a livestream on Instagram

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#EpicLoveShare auction

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In support of an auction for the fight against children's cancer, Lingon supports with a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership


Lingon closed angel investment round

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Lingon closed angel investor round to complete the development of its new self-service platform


Lingon featured in Breakit coverage

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Lingon has been featured as one of the 19 hottest start-ups in the blockchain sector in Sweden, in an article published on Breakit's web site today