Exciting times: beta launch

Lingon has now launched its new platform for beta testing. This is so exciting to us and we hope our service is proving useful to people with many different needs.

Try out digital certificates in our pilot

We have now released our self-service platform for beta testing. Purpose is to make sure our service works as intended and proves useful to individuals and businesses interested in exploring the wide range of opportunities with digital certificates.

Why not try out Lingon certificates as your new business cards? As more feature-rich purchase receipts? As club membership cards? As proof of authenticity and ownership for art and artefacts? As concert tickets? As digital assets for Metaverse projects?

There are so many great possibilities. Let your creativity come out and tell us how we can support your project.

Users with relevant business needs are still welcome to participate in the trial. Register here in case of interest: https://www.lingon.io/sign-up.

We're looking forward to having you in the pilot!

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Lingon at Möbelriksdagen

Lingon showcased its NFC-connected solution for Digital Product Passports at "Möbelriksdagen" in Tibro on September 28.-29. 2023.

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Public beta launch of the platform

So exciting! Now, it's finally time to launch our platform as public beta. It means that anyone can use the service (although still in a pilot phase).

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ChromaWay provides strategic investment

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ChromaWay announces that they are providing a strategic investment and their relational blockchain technology to Lingon Certificates


Launch of MVP on Ethereum

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As part of the cooperation with Fotografiska, we're launching a MVP of our engine for creation and distribution of digital certificates on the Ethereum blockchain


#EpicLoveShare auction

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In support of an auction for the fight against children's cancer, Lingon supports with a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership