NFTs for support to Ukraine

Swedish asset authentication startup Lingon Certificates AB helps bring awareness and help to Ukrainians in need by participating in an initiative to deliver cars and supplies to the war torn country. By donating to the cause, people will be able to mint an NFT free of charge on the Chromia blockchain. Lingon now extends an invite to new donors and other organizations and individuals to contribute to the cause.

Lingon, the Swedish based asset authentication company, is participating in an initiative to help bring awareness and supplies to Ukraine. Volunteers in Latvia have since the early stages of the war collected money and vehicles as well as bought, repaired and equipped cars to be driven to Ukraine and be handed over to authorities. To date, more than 450 cars have been delivered in addition to money and materials worth exceeding EUR 2 million raised.

Lingon and ChromaWay are proud to be able to contribute to a good cause with a clear impact in this way through transparency, new interaction opportunities and incentives for donations. This initiative is an excellent example of how the blockchain can be used to increase interest in charity. By helping NGOs to take the step into the digital world and Web3, new opportunities open up to help people in need”, says Christian Listérus, CEO of Lingon Certificates AB.

The initiative, which has received the project name “Agendum”, has launched a new website where people are able to donate a car or monetary help and have it delivered each week. The initiative has been featured and covered in media around the world, in the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

Lingon contributes to the project by providing Agendum with a platform and mobile apps to issue and receive NFTs to both old and new donors. These digital certificates will contain imagery and information about the vehicles donors have been involved in and sponsored to the cause. In addition, donors will be able to use the certificates to track their donated vehicles in action. The NFTs will be registered on ChromaWay's Chromia blockchain and will be free of charge for users as well as publishers.

For more information on how to donate, please visit:

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